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Black Hotel 4 stars near the Via Aurelia in Rome
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Black Hotel Rome

Certainly you can’t define the Black Hotel a conventional one at least on its appearance at first sight. It presents strong characteristics that make it one of the new few construction Design Hotels in Rome, enriched with furniture of exclusive design and quality. An elegant black box! Contrasts and colours are originally mixed together and the concept of ‘BLACK’ is declined in the most various materials: charcoal, lava stone, iron, glass, resin that give a dominant idea of the hotel on its visual and communicative impact.

The external spaces of the structure are characterized by a terrace that overlooks a beautiful park, facing the main facade, which can be a particular background for events, especially in the evening.

The hotel rooms are comfortable, bright and welcoming due to the use of warm materials like wood for furniture and flooring and a special shaped ceiling that seems to bend down towards guests welcoming them into a virtual ‘hug’. The main hotel door is a “piece of art” by maestro Guiotto.

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